Apple's BKC Mumbai, India

Apple Set To Open It’s 3rd Store In India In 2025

Apple is working on plans to extend and modernise its retail chain, with the goal of expanding into China and other regions of Asia while revamping existing stores in the United States and Europe.

According to those familiar with the discussions, the iPhone maker is considering opening 15 more stores in the Asia-Pacific area, five in Europe and the Middle East, and four more in the United States and Canada by 2027. Over the next four years, the company plans to open 53 new, relocated, or redesigned outlets. Three of the most noteworthy new stores under consideration or development are in India.

The goal is to strengthen Apple’s brand in emerging regions such as India while simultaneously providing a better experience to users in the United States and Europe. Apple is considering establishing its third store in India in the Mumbai neighbourhood of Borivli in 2025.

Apple intends to open its fourth India campus in 2026. It would be the city’s second, located at the DLF Promenade mall. After the BKC store, which opened in Mumbai in April, this store could become Apple’s second-largest in India. Apple plans to open its fifth Indian store in Worli, Mumbai, in 2027. An Apple representative declined to comment.

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